Don’t sell your soul. Keep it, instead.

Recently, I enrolled myself in a meditation course as a part of the experiments that I promised myself I would undertake in my free time. Having an opinion on everything around me is my forte and to be able to have one on spirituality; I decided to delve into this topic.

This was also the third and the last chance that I was going to give to this alternative to serious occupationthat people have come up with while dealing with idleness.

I dropped out of the course on the very first day when I had a string of interesting epiphanies that made more sense to me than all the three courses and the incessant blabbering of the preachers combined could ever have.

Spirituality is for the elite, for the people who have the time and the means to be engaged in activities other than fighting for survival. Upon exploring the three most prominent institutions that deal with this subject in the country, I’ve concluded that only the ones who have secured the basic domains of survival could ever venture into this field. Moreover, if I have to come up with a statistic, most of these participants have been men and women with prodigal habits. Spirituality, in my opinion, is an activity undertaken by the privileged to pass time while providing pacification to the self of being involved in something that is worth investing time, money and energy in. It’s the highest grade of escapism that has been sugar-coated and marketed well, which explains its popularity. An idea of spirituality for these participants is the only material that preserves sanity in a way that food preserves the physical body.

Everyone has the same product to offer, the only difference being in its packaging. All organizations will proudly preach that religion and spirituality are distinct, all will tell you that they do not advocate idol worship, they will also encourage you to have doubts and questions about the system they preach and above all, they will tell you to not worship the head or the founder of the organization. Now, if you’ve been a part of such a course and are practicing whatever it is that you’ve been brainwashed about (taught, if that’s what you like to call it) , it is impossible that these statements wouldn’t have had a reverse effect on you. They have had, and that too, in the strongest way possible. Reverse psychology. Does it ring a bell?

Spiritual preachers attack your weakest nerve – inability to deal with stress, negativity, idleness, et cetera. As solutions, they teach you techniques whose results can only be experienced individually and not determined or backed by proof. They make you believe that you lack a certain attitude and introduce you to techniques that apparently help you develop a said approach. And most of us buy this lie.

The ministers of spirituality have capitalized on the customized concepts of possession of a soul, stress removal and of your inability to spend time with your own self as a result of workload and material pleasures. To all you practitioners and believers of this sham, I say this to you with utmost conviction and experience to find a purpose for yourself, work towards it and engage yourself in an occupation that matches your interests.

If it is the ability to introspect that you’re seeking to master, lock yourself in a room and think. Think in the way you want, not in a way that has been devised to fool and fit a thousand. Think without emptying your pockets to these mindless organizations because thinking is one activity that can be done for free. Think for and about yourself because no one else can teach you the art of living your own life.

There is nothing that can satisfy the mind more than a good day’s work that helped you move closer to your purpose of existence, that rewarded your efforts and strengthened your morals.

(Disclaimer – All the gyaan given above is for free, logical and wasn’t written by someone wearing white or orange clothes with incense sticks in the background.)


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