Every thing, every idea, every person around me is judged and categorized on the basis of a classic pro-con list that I create in my head or on paper (when people aren’t noticing). If I give myself the right to do this to other things and people, it is only fair that I create such a list to present myself. I leave these individual points to you to table under pros or cons, as you deem fit.
This list would also validate the name of my blog and help me live upto its name, in true spirit.

  • Liberal radical
  • Media graduate from Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune with a major in journalism
  • Writer
  • Trained in Hindustani classical music and Bharatanatyam for 11 and 12 years respectively
  • Highly opinionated
  • Classic tubthumper (it can backfire many a time)
  • Graduated from loving the comfort of a routine to wanting to experiment with almost everything
  • Grey doesn’t exist. Only black or white does.
  • Whimsical as hell (I know people stopped using the phrase ‘as hell’ in 2004. But I’m whimsical)
  • Lover and maker of food. Anything that involves ridiculous amounts of sugar is exactly my thing.
  • As Stephen Fry says, language is my whore. But I like to treat it like well. And tacky terms do no good to the world.
  • Brutally, sometimes hurtfully, honest and upfront
  • Highly moody and irritable
  • Cantankerous
  • Idealist
  • Cantankerous idealist
  • This listing process has made me more self-aware (another point to be added to the list of pros) than I already am and you should totally give it a try too.

Like most people my age (I’m 24), I want to travel the world and I await the time I’m asked where I’m from and I have difficulty pointing out just one place on the map.

I think writing a blog is a good way of making opinions known and to put yourself out there in the world with half the effort it would take to doing it any other way.

This is also the sixth time I’m creating a blog with the hope that this time, I’ll stick to this one.

I live by the phrase ‘tub-thumping is life’ and here’s presenting a little bit of that life in this blog.

Did I mention my name is Noopur?


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