Why Mumbai Will Never Be Slum-Free

In my quest to find decent accommodation when I first moved to Mumbai a year ago, I burned the candle at both ends; made multiple real-estate broker friends, spent evenings traveling across the city, and wrote down future calculations in my daily diary. After a couple of failed deals, I finally landed a modest one... Continue Reading →


Why Proving Your Patriotism Is Crucial Right Now

Patriotism means defending and protecting one's country, even if it means protecting it from its own government and its people As the Supreme Court made its announcement, making it compulsory for cinema halls across the country to play the national anthem before screening the movie, I sat in absolute bewilderment about the enforcement of yet... Continue Reading →

The Conscious Ignorance Of Mumbaikars

I vividly remember asserting repeatedly when I lived in Baroda for two years after attending college in Pune that I’m a big city girl, and not a small town girl. More than professional and personal satisfaction, what I sought was the security that comes with living in a big city. Ever since I was a child,... Continue Reading →

Who’s God in Godhra

An article I wrote three years back, marking 10 years of the riots in Godhra, Gujarat “By 10 am on the 28th February 2011, the Ahmedabad sky was lit up with flaring lights while dark clouds of smoke were billowing up in every corner. You could virtually tell Muslim ownership by the fire and arson,”... Continue Reading →

ज़िंदा हो तुम!

(One for the dark days) क्यों गुमसुम सा है ये आसमान, कुछ हज़ारो रंग बिखरे थे कल जहां. सपने जिस आँचल में थे सिमटे खुला छोड़ा किसने, किस्से पूछे? क्यों खो गए हो तुम? ख्वाबो से निकल कर ख्वाब सजाते थे तुम. तिनके भर उम्मीद लेकर, दिल से दिल की राह चुनते थे तुम. कुछ... Continue Reading →

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